MotoGP, Pernat: "If Marc Marquez could go back on his decision, he wouldn't sign with Honda"

“What Puig has done is total madness and for Marc it's a major setback. Alex Marquez can now go to Pramac, while Rivola wants to bring Rossi to Aprilia. Policy change at Ducati: annual contracts "

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Market, market and more market! We’ve been talking about it with our man Carlo Pernat during the daily Live chat on our channel. This time it was a fiery episode that saw the Ligurian manager dwell on some hot topics, above all the likely passage of Pol Espargarò in Honda.

A piece of news that certainly has not gone unnoticed, so much so that it has ignited the rider negotiations in view of 2021.

"We are witnesses to ‘In Praise of Folly’ by Erasmus of Rotterdam - began Pernat. As we know Marquez has renewed his contract, placing certain conditions on Honda, that is, bringing along his brother. Now, with this move, it's as if they have said to Alex Marquez that they don't have any confidence in him. In my opinion this decision could be a major move against Marc, since he will see it as a setback, given the strong attachment to his brother. For me it’s total madness, as HRC has now put itself against Marc and Alzamora. However, this whole thing comes from an idea by Alberto Puig ".

How do you think Marc is experiencing this situation?

“I don't know if Marc would still sign that four-year deal after what has happened. This is utter madness, because now it won’t be an easy start for Honda. If this is Puig's strategy, this is utter madness, it’s suicide”.

Now there is a lot of talk about Alex Marquez. Are you so convinced he will remain in Honda after what has happened?

“What if Alex already had a pre-contract with Pramac? I'm just spit-balling here. "

In fact, this had already been mentioned during the season. Then Ducati decided differently: was the management of the Honda or Ducati riders worse in this situation?

Pernat: "Ducati gets the choices right but then messes up the right time to get rid of its riders"

"I'd say Honda. Ducati gets the choices right, like Stoner, Lorenzo or Dovizioso, but then messes up the right time to get rid of them. In recent years, Honda does not seem to have got some great riders on board. "

In amongst all this, what will KTM do?

“The doors are now wide open for Dovizioso. In this situation Battistella has a free reign if Pol were to leave. KTM certainly does not lack the budget. Other than that, if I were in Ducati, I would do everything possible to hold on to Dovizioso, since the only possible move is to convince him to stay. "

Pernat: "Ducati is only offering annual contracts: a clear policy change"

What contract do you think Ducati can offer Dovizioso?

“Ducati is making one-year contracts with an option for the second to all its riders, with the exception of Andrea, who must necessarily have a two-year deal. That is the only solution in my opinion, because if they don't renew, Andrea and Ducati are crazy. If this does not happen, Ducati will have to start hoping that they will remove the disqualification from Iannone or try to resign someone like Lorenzo ".

Let's talk about Rossi: do you think he can win the World Championship?

“No, it is not possible against Marquez. He can certainly do some good races, maybe fight for podiums or a victory, but I don't think he can take home the title. In all this, if he finishes in the top five at the end of the Championship, he has done something great. However, at the moment, Rossi has not yet signed anything for 2021. The question of the team is in the way, moreover Valentino will wait for the first races of this season to decide what to do. "

Pernat: "Rossi in Aprilia? The idea comes from Massimo Rivola, who knows ...?"

Remaining on the subject of Rossi: how fascinating could the idea of ​​returning to Aprilia be?

“This idea has been around for some time. Among other things, the idea of ​​bringing Rossi to Aprilia comes from Rivola and no one has ever denied this. "

And Zarco?

“I would never put him on a factory bike. After Yamaha he has always struggled, he is not a champion ”.

Pernat: "Bagnaia is at risk, if he doesn't go well, Ducati won’t reconfirm him"

Do you think Bagnaia is at risk for 2021?

“Yes, and I say this with displeasure. If he doesn't do better than last year, Ducati will not reconfirm him. In 2019 he didn't have the official bike and it was his first year. Now for him this season is fundamental, and he will have to stay in the top eight. "

Carlo, do you think that if Marquez were to continue to win, Ducati would retire from MotoGP?

"Absolutely not! Racing represents Ducati's strength and it will race forever. "

Pernat: "In my opinion Crutchlow won't be reconfirmed in Honda at the end of 2020"

Still on the subject of the market, there is also the matter of Cal Crutchlow…

“Cal is out of Honda for 2021. A future with Aprilia? In that case, we need to understand what Iannone's fate will be. What if Andrea were to go to KTM? Who knows?"

And Arbolino?

"Next year he will be in Moto2."


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