SBK, Locatelli - Evan Bros: race towards the Wold Championship starts in Cremona

The SuperSport rider from Bergamo is back in action with the Yamaha R6 on the track in Cremona


It's time they start sharpening their weapons again. The derivatives will be back on the track the first weekend in August and, as a result, everyone wants to be prepared, including Andrea Locatelli, who got back on the Yamaha R6 yesterday for a test in view of the races restarting.

Fabio Evangelista’s team has, in fact, chosen the Cremona track in the Lombary region of Italy and even found favorable weather conditions. The goal is to undoubtedly be ready for the start of the World Championship that, as we well know, will begin in Jerez.

At his debut in the category, Locatelli surprised everyone, dominating the Phillip Island race. 2020 will be a key year for him, with the possibility of making a jump in the category in the event of a World title.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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