Audi fires Abt for rigging the FormulaE Virtual Race

In a video on You Tube, the driver defended his reasons but confirms the end of his experience with Audi in the Formula E

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We told you the fun story of the Berlin Formula E Virtual Race, with Daniel Abt who reached a third place by cheating, having an eSports driver race in his place (READ THE STORY HERE).

After he was discovered, he was disqualified from the race and "sentenced" to donate $10,000 to charity. But rhe story didn't end with the donation, since Audi actually suspended Abt. The driver, who has been in the Formula E since his championship debut six years ago, released a video on his You Tube channel in which he explains his position.

"I just wanted to do something fun," he said. "It was not my intention to cheat. We were documenting everything to be able to create content. In fact, I had given many clues on my Twitch channel and had written it to friends on Whatsapp. I didn't use a VPN to hide my IP, even though I knew about traceability. I just wanted to create some entertainment for those at home, nothing more. These are online competitions. They have nothing to do with real life. I didn't have an eSports driver race to win."

To add to all this, Daniel Abt also confirmed the end of his relationship with Audi. "I'm aware of the mistake I made. I apologize to everyone, and I thank Audi for the support it has given me over the years. It was an honor to drive their cars and bring Audi to its first Formula E victory. Now I've hit rock bottom. I hope to get back up  on my feet again as soon as possible."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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