MotoGP, Agostini to Lorenzo: "It’s not my fault if he didn't win with Honda and Ducati"

"I have always appreciated Jorge; I will send him a message and I hope he understands that I have only said the truth. I would have liked him to have won the World Championship with Ducati"


Maybe, just maybe the controversy that has broken out over the last few days between Jorge Lorenzo and Giacomo Agostini is destined to come to an end. The man who wants to bury the hatchet is the 15-time world champion, who had been attacked by the Majorcan for saying that his recent adventures in Ducati and Honda had been a failure.

"I don't want any controversy, because I appreciate Lorenzo and I will continue to do so - explained Ago to AS - I will send him a message so that he can understand it".

"I can't say he won if he didn't - he said - When everyone asks me about his years with Ducati and Honda, I can't say he won everything. I have to be honest, otherwise people would say that I am speaking with my heart and not with my head. I am really sorry because I hoped that Lorenzo would win the World Championship with Ducati, but he didn’t. Winning three races is not winning the title, I only said that …nothing more."

Agostini didn’t want to add anything else but did not hide his sympathy for Jorge…

"I can also understand that it is not possible to compare his period with mine and I am the first not to do it, but, as I was very disappointed, I only said what everyone knows - he added - I celebrated his victories with him, but if he didn’t win, then nothing can be done about it. I remember once, after he qualified on the last row with Honda, I went onto the grid to greet him. But I have to tell the truth: he didn't win the title either with the Honda or the Ducati; it's not my fault and I can't say anything different than that. "


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