MotoGP, Rossi: "I won't go to Petronas just to say ‘ciao’ to the fans"

"I have to understand if I have enough strength and motivation inside me. Either I continue with Yamaha or I stop, I have no other options"


We might have to wait a few more months to see MotoGP bikes back on the track, but probably less to know about the future of Valentino. The situation is clear: a factory M1 bike and the Petronas team is waiting for him and has only to say yes…

"My plan was very clear: change something in the team and wait until the summer to understand if I can been more competitive than last year, for me that is crucial. I want to continue, but only if I am strong,” explained the Doctor to “Unfortunately, with this situation, I have to decide without races. I have to see inside of me if I have enough strength and motivation”.

He will have to accept that he is no longer in the factory team, but in a satellite team…

"I have a good opportunity with Petronas, which is a top-level team, like they demonstrated last year with Quartararo and Morbidelli,” he underlined. “It is a young team, but there are a lot of people inside that I already know, for me it's a very good option, I just have to decide. I have two possible options: either I go to Petronas or I stop.”

If he chose to continue, however, he would only do so under certain conditions.

"I just speak with Jarvis and Yamaha, not directly with Razlan but I like his words,” said Valentino.I don't want to go to Petronas just to make my last season and simply to say ‘ciao’ to my fans, I will give my 100%, this is for sure" he assured.



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