MotoGP, Alex Marquez: "The prize for the win? Cooking for me and for Marc"

"Given the result of the race, it's up to me, or I risk going to sleep without dinner." MotoE Ferrari winner: "Training these days has paid off"


Who would have said that on a Sunday in May we would find ourselves reporting that Alex Marquez beat his brother Marc at the last corner of a Grand Prix? Probably no one, but in the time of the coronavirus and virtual races even this can happen. The youngest of the Marquez lineage took victory in fact in the virtual race of Misano, the fourth round of the ‘season’, and has become the first rider to win more than one race.

"It was probably the funniest race so far,” said Alex in the live post-race that aired on the MotoGP Instagram channel, “given the many contenders for the victory and the final battle. On the last lap Marc was afraid that I would pass him or that we would both crash, but at the last corner he went wide while I braked in the right place, so I managed to beat him."

The battle for victory also involved Fabio Quartararo, who started again as favourite and finished off the podium again.

“Fabio was so fast today, the fastest by almost a second a lap. In MotoGP20 you have to be careful not to crash because you really lose a lot of time, and that's what happened to him when he fell halfway through the race. Without the crash I don't think I would have been able to get back, and the battle started from there.”

At the Marquez home, there was no shortage of celebrations for the family result, so most probably there will be ‘revenge’ at some point of the season...

“Marc wanted to celebrate the race in some way, using his Tik Tok profile. Like many people we have used social media a lot in this period, to distract us and pass the time. I think I'll cook for both of us tonight seeing how the race went, or I risk going to bed without dinner (laugh, Ed.). I cook better than Marc, I am not a chef, but I am good at it. I love meat and I often cook it: my dishes are basic, but I prefer to cook rather than clean ".

In any case, Alex was not the only winner of the day, as a historic first virtual MotoE race win was conquered by Matteo Ferrari, who confirmed himself king of Misano after the two victories in as many ‘real’ races of 2019.

“I am happy for the pole and for the win. I risked a lot crashing at the last corner - Matteo admitted - but it went well: I trained a lot these days, between one workout and the next. In recent years I have always struggled a bit at Misano, but now I can say that it is one of my favourite tracks ".

The Romagna rider is back actually also back on track in the real world, having been one of the lucky few to try out the new Misano asphalt last Thursday.

“Getting back on track after two months was really nice, the first exit from the pits was incredible. I had fun, also thanks to the new asphalt that has been done in a really excellent way. During the quarantine I tried to stay focused and in shape, but I also relaxed reading books or playing with the PlayStation ".

In Matteo's future there is obviously the defence of the title in MotoE, but not only that. “At the beginning of the year, the team and I had planned some tests with the Moto2 bike and probably some wild cards, but now everything is obviously on stand-by. I hope the situation will sort itself out soon because I am really curious to try the Triumph engine. "



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