MotoGP, Lorenzo at open heart: the most beautiful GP? The one won by Biaggi at Suzuka

The five-time world champion was subjected to a barrage of MotoGP questions and some answers were unexpected


Jorge Lorenzo answers in a quick test on '' about his main preferences in motorcycling and his more personal side. These are the answers from the five-time World Champion.

Q. Three words to describe yourself?

A. Competitive, perfectionist and curious.

Q. Beach or Mountain?

A. Beach.

Q. Sunrise or sunset?

A. I don't like to get up early, so sunset.

Q. Cats or Dogs?

A. Dog.

Q. Pineapple on pizza?

A. No.

Q. Netflix or Youtube?

A. Netflix for entertainment and Youtube for learning.

Q. Twitter or Instagram?

A. Instagram.

Q. Calling or text messaging?

A. Messages, although I call more now than before.

Q. Wet or dry conditions?

A. Dry.

Q. Hard or soft?

A. I make the soft one last longer than the other pilots.

Q. Power or torque?

A. Chassis.

Q. Cardio or weights?

A. I used to do more cardio and now more weights.

Q. Favorite season?

A. 1998. I am a fan of Max (Biaggi) and he came to his first 500cc race and won. Then there was a nice battle with Doohan for the championship until the last races.

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