MotoGP, Miller: "Honda fined me for drinking from Assen's shoe"

The upper echelons in Japan did not like the way Miller celebrated his victory in 2016. Jack: "A rider can't be fined after winning."


It's called a "shoey", drinking from a shoe, which is good luck in Australia. A ritual unknown to most, which Jack Miller made famous in 2016, when he celebrated his first (and for now only) victory in the MotoGP. After him, Daniel Ricciardo celebrated a podium this way in the Formula 1, and even Valentino Rossi followed this tradition in Misano, also in 2016.

But what no one knew is that Miller paid dearly for that celebration, and that's a fact. He revealed it himself to BT Sport.

Honda fined me because I drank from a shoe after winning," Jack confessed."It was a celebration after the race. Once you've won, they can't fine you."

The Japanese, however, thought differently, believing that Miller's gesture damaged their image. Well, Jack probably thought a MotoGP win was well worth a fine.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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