MotoGP, Savadori: "The Aprilia test in Sepang was better than a first date"

"Being at the centre of the project makes me proud but my goal is to race in MotoGP. I know I have not yet expressed my full potential; I’m working every day to do that"


Another day and another guest for the usual 6pm Live slot on After talking about SBK and the difficult economic situation that the teams will have to face after the post-Covid-19 recovery with Manuel Puccetti, today our guest was Lorenzo Savadori, who raced in SBK and who now, after a troubled winter, is established as the new Aprilia MotoGP tester.

Lorenzo was with us for an hour and was able to answer our questions and yours starting from his experience of the MotoGP tests this winter.

"Being able to ride a MotoGP bike has always been a dream - Lorenzo told us - and for me it came true with Aprilia and for that I have to thank them".

The RS-GP20 seemed to be a much-improved bike compared to its 2019 version. You have ridden both the Noale manufacturer’s bikes, what do you think?

Savadori: "I have to thank Gresini who helped me to get closer to the Aprilia world"

"Riding the Aprilia is a bit like going to dinner with a beautiful woman and I have to thank Fausto Gresini who helped me to get closer to the world of MotoGP. The 2020 seemed to me to be much easier to ride than the previous one. I must say that the Noale racing department has really worked hard for this bike and they have done a great job. The proof of this is that I, Smith and Espargarò gave more or less the same indications after the tests ".

How did you experience the story of Andrea Iannone and the sentence that disqualified him for 18 months? Obviously Iannone and Aprilia will make an appeal to the CAS in Lausanne.

“I hope that Andrea's story will work out for him and that he can get back on track as soon as possible. This sentence will change the lives of riders a little, we should be more careful about what and where we eat ".

Savadori: "My goal is to race with Aprilia"

The role of the test rider in the world championship has grown exponentially in importance in recent years. How does it make you feel to be a MotoGP tester given that in your same position there are champions like Lorenzo and Pedrosa?

“I am very focused on myself and my work. Clearly seeing Lorenzo as a tester makes me think, and my goal is to try to run with Aprilia. Now I need to get to know the bike and the category, to do a lot of kilometres to learn the electronics, tyres and everything else. Aprilia knows that I would like to race but I understand that I still have to go through a lot of steps to get there. However, being at the centre of such a project is a source of pride”.

To get to Aprilia MotoGP, however, you had to go through a difficult winter with the sudden ‘disappearance’ of your SBK ride with the Pedercini team. What were those moments like?

 "It wasn't easy at all; it all came over the Christmas holidays where everything sort of switches off a bit. Fausto Gresini helped me a lot to see the glass half full and not to knock myself down, then came the proposal from Aprilia who held out a hand to me. You know how the saying goes: ‘When one door closes, another even better one opens in the future...’”

Savadori: "You shouldn't judge the Honda in SBK from one race in Australia"

There was also the possibility of remaining in the production-based championship with the Honda Fireblade of the Moriwaki team, paired with Takumi Takahashi, and then even with the factory Ducati. How could the season have gone on those bikes?

“It is difficult to say. At the moment I am tied to Aprilia who gave me an opportunity to ride a MotoGP, but anyway, speaking in general I would wait to judge the Honda's competitiveness from the single Phillip Island race, we will see how they will go on the European tracks ".

2019 was also the year of MotoE for you, what did the Energy teach you?

“The season was fundamental because it allowed me to get to know Fausto Gresini. MotoE taught me a lot but the start of the season with the Jerez fire was a problem. The Energy must be ridden like a 2-stroke, searching for the cornering speed and not braking like the current bikes and I found myself in difficulty. At the end of the year I improved, and I learnt a few tricks that help me even now ".

Savadori: "Dovizioso saved me by lending me a fitness bike"

How are these days going at home? Can you train?

"Dovizioso saved me, he lent me a fitness bike that I keep in the guest room which has become a cardio area while in the garage I resurrected my father's gym. I don't use it a lot because I can't afford to gain too much muscle-wise, but I still do something. In these days I am trying not to waste too much time, I make online meetings with my mental coach, I read, I watch movies and I train ".

How do you see yourself from here to the next 3 years?

“As I said before, I want to race and in three years I would like to be in a structure that allows me to express myself 100%. I know I can still do a lot on the bike and I hope I have the opportunity to prove it, I am preparing for this. "

Savadori: "So far I haven’t expressed my true potential, I hope to do it soon"

Can we say that you have not yet expressed your true potential?

"Yes, that's exactly how it is, I hope I can prove it. I can do more, and I am training every day for this, I don’t lose heart and I know that the right time is coming ".

Let’s talk about the CIV, where you finished in second place last year. Can you aim for the title with the new Aprilia?

“Winning would be very important; it is a very competitive championship and I will race it with a bike with a lot of potential. I only tried it on a small track, a little unusual and strange, I will give 100% to win the CIV. Aprilia is investing heavily in the 1100, I am confident. "

Savadori: "A wild card with Aprilia in SBK? We are focused on MotoGP"

Will there be any chance of racing in the SBK championship as a wild card with the Nuova M2 team?

"Racing is important and that's why I will continue with the CIV. As far as the possibility of competing in SBK is concerned, I am ready for everything but the agreement with Aprilia is focused on the MotoGP World Championship."

Savadori: "The mistake of amateurs is to lean a lot when it’s not needed"

Our viewers are asking you for some advice on how to improve their lap times. Can you reveal some tricks to amateurs?

"A mistake that I have seen many amateurs do is that they want to lean a lot even where it is not needed; if I can give some advice it is not to focus on putting your knee-slider on the ground, especially with large-displacement bikes".







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