MotoGP, Marquez jokes about living with Alex: "We've already beaten each other up."

  "We'd always challenge each other in everything as children. Now we do it on the track. He'll beat me again in the videogame this Sunday, but the important thing is the asphalt!"


Alex and I have already beaten each other up. You can't use your hands, but only soft objects, like pillows." Marc Marquez joked on El Horminguero, a program on Antena 3, about the quarantine period he's spending at home with his brother and teammate.

In addition to sharing the Honda garage, Marc and Alex do the same with their house and, in this period, as they did in the past, they're always challenging each other.

"When one of us trains, the other has to do a push-up or an extra sit-up," the older brother explained. "When we were little, we would challenge each other in everything. Now we do it on the track."

Even in videogames, and Alex has already proven this by winning the first MotoGP Virtual Race, who is the best with a joy pad in his hand.

We'll have another race this week, and he'll beat me again. Videogames are for those who have free time ," Marc said jokingly about his weakness. "I've never been good. When someone beats me, I say: 'focus on this, what's important is the asphalt!'

To get back to racing again, he'll have to wait, while concentrating on recovering from shoulder surgery he underwent in winter, which is more complicated than expected.

"Things are so so," he admitted. "They touched a nerve during surgery, and it took a while for my deltoid to recover. Now it's improving. Those were tough months, but now things are better."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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