Moto3, Vietti: "The 2015 finale? I believed in Rossi's 10th title."

"That year, everything went against Valentino. It was really tough for his fans. Bagnaia second in the Virtual Race? I expected him to win."


Among the many regrets of this break imposed on the World Championship there's, without a shadow of a doubt, the fact that we didn't have the opportunity to measure our Italian Moto3 talents in an important season after Dalla Porta's world victory in 2019. After hearing Tony Arbolino's impressions and thoughts (HERE's the complete interview), we moved onto the Sky Racing Team VR46 and had a chat with Celestino Vietti who, in Losail, took off towards his second season after a very promising 2019.

"In 2019, I learned a lot," Celestino told us. "The team and I managed to understand each other and create a good relationship. I got three podiums, and I was the best rookie of the season. I wouldn't have expected these results so fast."

Thursday we spoke with Uccio Salucci live on Facebook. You've been part of the Academy for four years now, what does this mean for you?

The Academy was the best opportunity of my career. Working with Valentino Rossi, who has always been my idol, and the best rider ever, is important. Even the relationship with the other guys is no less, because there are already two world champions among us."

You said you were a big fan of Valentino's. Recently, Livio Suppo's statements about the controversial 2015 season finale recently came out. How did you experience that season as a fan?

“2015 was tough for all of Valentino's fans. It didn't go down with anyone, since it would have been a really important year. In my opinion, there was no good behavior, and I felt really bad. I believed in the tenth world championship. But the world of racing is like this, and you have to take it as it, but we have to say that everything went a bit against Rossi in that situation, and it kept getting worse."

Let's come back to the present day. How are you experiencing this break from racing? Many riders these days are telling us that the biggest difficulty lies in athletic training and managing workloads.

"Yes, that's a very complicated aspect because we don't yet know when we'll be racing the next race. Now I'm training at home in Turin, doing exercises, so I'm not to completely at a standstill."

But, in this difficult period, there's also time for some recreation, such as video games. Did you follow the virtual race last Sunday?

“Yes, I saw it pre-recorded and, I have to say, it was fun, and Bagnaia was fast. Even if I expected  him to win, unfortunately, he made a few mistakes too many. As for me, I don't play racing games much. I prefer multiplayer war games with my friends."

Let's go back to a month ago, when you raced the only race of the world championship. How did you like the KTM?

"I feel really good on the bike. There have been changes compared to 2019, and I think I have a good package available. Unfortunately, my qualifying wasn't that good in Losail. It's something I miss a bit. I keeping getting better in the race. The contact was a shame, because I could have been up ahead, even if it's difficult to say."

Do you do superstitious rites before a competition?

“I have my own rituals and superstitions that I, however, am not telling anyone about. An hour before the race, I always do everything the same way , and I try to be precise in everything. I do it both for superstition and to keep my concentration high It's a way to prepare."

In your opinion, how much is missing for your passage into the Moto2?

"It'll depend a lot on how fast I'll be in the Moto3. This year, it would have been interesting to see my consistency, because I know that, if I were to always be among the best in the Moto3, I could also start thinking about the higher category, but now that's not a priority."

Going a little further back in time, can you identify your best bike? The one you were most competitive with?

"One of the bikes I'm most attached to is the first one, which was a three-wheeler made by my father for my brother, then it was passed on to me. The one I've been most competitive with is the one I used in 2015 at the CIV in the Pre-Moto3, where I won nine out of ten races."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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