Dovizioso: "After the MotoGP, my future will be as a motocross rider."

"I haven't yet decided what I'll do in 2021. My choice will depend on many factors. Marquez's four-year contract amazed me. I expected him to change bikes."


The forced stop of the championship leads to many thoughts, even those about one's future, about one's career. Andrea Dovizioso is also thinking about this, and he wasn't afraid to reveal it to Sky Sport 24, in an hour spent with Guido Meda and Mauro Sanchini.

For now, Dovi doesn't have a contract signed yet for after 2020, and he's in no hurry.

"I don't have well-defined plans for the future. It'll depend on many factors," he explained.

If you really decide to quit the MotoGP, what would you do? The derivatives are not an option. If anything, the rider from Forlì would like to get a little dirty.

The SBK is not on the agenda," he said. "I don't know how much longer I'll still be racing in the MotoGP, for example, I don't have a contract for next year yet, but having grown up in the World Championship, I'm used to racing with prototypes. The SBK is an excellent championship, but it's different. When you're in a good situation in the MotoGP, you're gambling on the championship. It's difficult to think of going in that direction. I have various projects in my mind, but I'm more oriented towards motocross because I can't race in those disciplines now."

But cars are also tempting.

I'd like to try to experience 4 wheels, " he admitted. "There are cars that give an adrenaline rush close to that of motorcycles, such as rally and rally cross. Last year I raced in a DTM in Misano. It was tough, but I had fun."

The rider who has no doubts about the plans for his future, and also long- term ones, is Marc Marquez.

I was very surprised by a four-year contract," the Ducati rider confessed." I didn't expect it. I actually had a completely different idea. I thought he would accept a challenge on another bike. It seems like a strange choice. There's certainly something behind the scenes we don't know about."

The sure thing is that the Spanish champion will be the man to beat when the championship takes off.

"Marc didn't give anyone the chance to make an attempt last year, but the beauty of motorcycling is that every season is different. Many things can happen," Dovi said. "I expect an even closer fight. In 2019, up until mid-season, Marc, Rins, and I were fighting for the championship, then came the Yamahas. This year, they would have been competitive from the start. So there would have been at least four more riders vying for victories in races and the championship."

And who would have won the Losail race if you had raced?

We would have played it out in Qatar, but if we listen to the interviews, there would have been six or seven winners ," Andrea said with a smile. "As always, it's only the race that matters. I don't know how long we would have played it out. The level has gone up. There are many riders and many bikes that can win, and small details can make a difference. We had worked well, despite not being able to do much with six days of testing. There's always a lot of material to try, and the tests must be performed at the right time, besides the fact that Losail is a very particular track."

You'll just have to wait for the first race and resist the nostalgia of the engines.

I feel a lot of nostalgia for the bikes, even if there are other real problems. I miss that tiredness after a full day of motocross, while that's not possible now. This long, forced stop makes you think a lot," he concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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