Virtual Gran Prix Series: Formula 1 is back on track... on PCs

Liberty Media launches the Virtual Grand Prix Series so that the GPs of the season which were cancelled or postponed can still be raced.  First date Sunday with the race in Bahrain.


After the bad impression that the Australian GP made - canceled only two hours before Free Practice session 1 - the Formula 1 is trying a  relaunch.
Liberty Media, the American company that organizes the championship, has always been very attached to the will of the public and, after the excellent media result of "Not the AUS GP" (the virtual Grand Prix raced and promoted by Lando Norris), it has confirmed a Virtual GP Series, through the requests of its fans. Basically, all the drivers of the F1 2020 grid are invited to take part in a virtual tournament of the F1 2019 videogame, along with other world stars, on the weekends of the races that were postponed or canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

A great initiative that will let the fans in on some action. The races will take place following the calendar of the actual races, while performances will take place on off weekends. The grid will be announced in the next few hours, since the first virtual GP will start on Sunday, March 22nd at 9:00 pm live, or rather, virtually, from the Sakhir track in Bahrain.

All the virtual drivers will use the PC version of the game with the same driving aids and with the option to remove the anti-lock brakes for more experienced drivers. All cars will be equally competitive, so let's get ready to see a Williams overtake a Ferrari on the straight, but with cars that will be less damaged after contact.

Now all you have to do is wait for the first GP, and the news that we'll be giving you!


Translated by Leila Myftija

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