MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Racing with Rossi in Petronas? It would be the only option."

"I could only return with a Yamaha. Closing in the top five in Barcelona is too optimistic. First of all, I have to help the team."


In these times of uncertainty and during this hiatus, we can only fantasize about what the 2020 MotoGP season will be like. A season that will also involve Jorge Lorenzo, even if only half-way. Just a few months after his retirement. he's already had his first official wild card with Yamaha, which welcomed him back as a tester. "We chose Barcelona," Jorge told Sky, "because it's a track where, besides going fast, I can be very useful in development."

Obviously, expectations from many parties are still high regarding the rider from Mallorca, who's however on the defensive.

“Thinking of finishing in the top five in the race is too optimistic right now. Let's consider that I could arrive without having done other tests, without having fully understood the bike, and without having trained a lot on a physical level. Nothing is impossible in the MotoGP, even if my role is primarily to help the team."

The second question that Lorenzo is most often asked concerns a possible return that, at the moment, seems very far away.

“I made a decision in November and this choice is definitive at 98%, even though everything can happen in life and people change their mind continuously. Anything can happen but, right now, my choice is this. Many are happy to see me happy at the moment but, obviously, my fans would like me to get back on the track."

So, his return seems far away, but maybe Jorge's soul could be moved by the possibility of forming a dream team with Valentino Rossi on the Petronas team.

“I've made my decision, but if there really must be that one, remote possibility, I'd say that it's natural that I might return only with a Yamaha, so this must be taken into consideration. For his part, Valentino will have the doors open if he wants to continue."

Leaving aside phantom-cycling, it's impossible not to mention the current worldwide situation. Lorenzo is currently in Dubai, and doesn't hide his concern.

“I'm in the hotel, and I go places as little as possible. Here, in Dubai, they say that there are just under 100 cases of Coronavirus, but we have to be careful. It's no time to joke around. Health comes first. The championship? They're saying June or July but, at the moment, sports are secondary."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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