MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo: "I have to thank Puig for allowing me to ride the Yamaha"

"Alberto always supported me when I was in Honda. I am grateful to him. The three bikes I have ridden, in two words: the Ducati the most powerful, Honda the most agile, Yamaha the easiest. The other day riding it I felt happy"


Jorge Lorenzo has returned to MotoGP. As a tester, of course, but his presence in the Sepang paddock in these first days of a preview of the season has really shifted the balance to Yamaha who by hiring him for this new role, confirming Vinales and signing Quartararo for 2021-2022, have made all the headlines. Now it’s all down to the track for Jorge who tested the 2019 M1 on Tuesday and who in the next few days will get on the 2020 version of the Iwata bike.

"I am happy to be back home - said Lorenzo - I am really grateful to be back and I am motivated to do my job better and help Yamaha win another world title".

Wasn't there any clause with Honda on your contract after you retired?

“Alberto Puig is an intelligent and loyal man. He always supported me in my year in Honda and I thank him for allowing me to ride the Yamaha. I haven't heard from him these days but I'm really grateful to him."

The market is in full flow and many teams are looking for a rider for 2021. Are you reconsidering your decision to retire from racing?

"When I retired, the idea was to retire completely. I spent 18 years of my life working hard to win. Now I am in a different moment in my life and the goals are different, but I have to say that the other day I had a good time riding the Yamaha and I felt a happiness that I had not felt for some time, at least since the time of my Ducati victories. For the moment I am very happy, in Valencia I said that 99% I would not return to racing, now the percentage is 98%".

You have raced three bikes in 3 years. How do you judge the Ducati, Honda and Yamaha in a nutshell?

“The Ducati is not difficult to describe, the word I would choose is power. I suffered a lot on the Honda, it is not easy to give one word for those sensations but what I can say is that it is a very agile bike. As far as the Yamaha is concerned, however, it can be said that it is the most manageable bike, the easiest to ride”.

Audio recording by Paolo Scalera


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