MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Lorenzo tester? I would never change Pirro."

VIDEO INTERVIEW - "We'll try the new hull in Sepang, and we want to recuperate our advantage on the straight. The SBK? We understand that finishing well is more important than starting well."

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Gigi Dall'Igna could not miss out on Sepang and is following Pirro's work from the garage. The engineer from Veneto appears relaxed and, as always, attentive to every detail. Michele is using the Desmosedici 2020, on which they worked all winter at Borgo Panigale.

There's the will to recuperate the advantage but, above all, to resolve the understeering, which is Ducati's Achilles heel. That's why the engineers worked a great deal on the frame. Dall'Igna talked about all this and much more in the interview you can watch above.

Lorenzo will debut as a test rider here in Sepang. Pedrosa rode today. Do you expect a shakedown with particularly fast times?

In the end, the testers don't have to reach a time but have to do another kind of job and, in this, I think Michele is the best possible compromise. He knows how to keep a margin despite being fast, so I'm happy with the work he does, and I wouldn't want a test rider other than him."

What kind of work is Pirro doing these days?

We have frame configurations that we have to try out in view of the tests with the official riders. With Michele we're in a selection phase, for both the chassis and the aerodynamics, and we're also doing comparisons from an engine viewpoint."

Will we already see the new fairing in Sepang?

We'll also surely perform aerodynamic tests that will not be very different from the ones used at the end of the last season. It will be an evolution."

Will Pirro also be on track with Dovizioso and Petrucci?

It's not foreseen at the moment, but we've also planned long runs, meaning 8 or 9 laps in a row, to better test several components in high temperature conditions. If we fail to finish this work, Michele is still going to continue in the following 3 days, but sporadically."

In 2019, Honda caught up with you on engine performance. Did you particularly focus on recuperating that advantage?

It certainly wasn't the main focus for the development of the new bike. The engine has remained one of our strong points, despite having lost part of the advantage. It's certainly easier to overtake on a straight than in corners, so I think it's important to have this kind of advantage, for which the technicians have also worked."

We saw the new Aprilia and noticed a large wing on the windshield dome, almost like a Formula 1.

"I only saw a few photos, and I'm curious to see it live."

The MotoGP started testing today. The SBK has already been on the track in Jerez and Portimao. Redding already stands out... and not just on the track.

"Scott is exuberant, the contrary would surprise me, " he said laughing.

What do you think of the new Honda?

“Nothing can be said yet about the bike and what Bautista and Haslam can do. They're in an assessment phase. But I saw a really nice Yamaha. The Kawasaki will certainly also be, so I expect a very competitive championship."

Do you expect a Ducati that will take off like rocket, like in 2019?

“We understand that finishing well is more important than starting well ," he said laughing. "I'd like a good championship and to be able to smile at the last race."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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