MotoGP, Rossi's mother, Stefania: "Valentino was not influenced"

"He did the right thing to take his time, I'm proud of him." On Luca Marini: "He is focused, but to win the title everything must be perfect"


Mom is always right, as they say, even when your son is a motorcycle legend and has won 9 world titles. Especially if, as is the case with Stefania Palma, she is a great fan of sport and very knowledgeable about it. For sure, Valentino also spoke to her before making - or rather postponing - a decision on his future and found an ally in his mother.

Stefania has always been, and still is, a constant and discreet presence in the Doctor's career. "I remember his first race, we left in a red Panda to go racing go-karts in Siena, we lived racing" she says with a smile.

That boy full of dreams has become a man and has made many of them come true. Now he has to decide what to do with his life, after Yamaha announced that in 2021 there will be no more place for him in the official team.

"I am happy and proud that at this moment Valentino has decided to take the time to think about the last years of his career - Stefania said - He was not influenced by the choices of others, but he followed his own ideas".

Not so easy when your name is Rossi and you have to put up with a lot of pressure.

“Valentino has been racing for many years and in my opinion he did the right thing to think about it - he continues - Modern lifestyle means that you don’t study, you don’t prepare for the things you want to do, but it’s a mistake. We are always chasing the future and then we can’t live the present well with all of its nuances. Valentino did the right thing to follow his ideas".

Maybe the Doctor is thinking about a 2021 team with his brother Luca Marini, but Stefania prefers to focus on the present.

"I haven't even thought about that possibility - she confesses - I want to watch all 20 races of this year. I will be in the front row. Then, whatever will be, will be."

Her eyes will naturally not only be for Valentino, but also for Luca Marini who was back at home today, presenting the Sky VR46 team in Tavullia. "It’s a zero-kilometre presentation, as is the fashion - jokes Stefania - I am very happy that it was held here at the Ranch, which I consider to be a work of art in the countryside".

Today gets underway with photos and interviews, before the start of serious track action.

“Luca is always very concentrated and careful about his training - she declares - Let's see what will happen, it will be a particularly important year; but I don't want to add anything else."

Because Marini starts the season as one of the candidates for the Moto2 title. A difficult challenge, but one within his reach.

"Nowadays, to win the World Championship, you need the rider but then everything must be perfect, from the team to the bike - warns his mother - It is a precision job, talent and imagination are required, but all the mechanisms must work like in a watch" .

Interview by Riccardo Guglielmetti

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