Bastianini: "Moto2 has changed me, to win you need to be an animal"

“This category has matured me, but my smile is the same as when I started. Victory? I would sacrifice the car in order to win"


It is his second season in the intermediate category and consequently the bar rises after what he demonstrated in the inaugural one. Enea Bastianini is aware of this, and in 2020 with Italtrans he doesn’t have the slightest intention of not living up to expectations. If in his first year in Moto2 he managed to get on the podium, now he must aim for the top slot.

It’s a goal that tantalizes the Romagna rider in the evening of the presentation of the team from Bergamo. Confidence can be seen in his face, but at the same time he is aware that it won’t be so easy to reach the target. Despite Alex Marquez bidding farewell to the category, the competition still remains fierce.

"To tell the truth, I can't wait to start - Enea declared - winter is getting a little too long. However, I’m continuing my training in view of the tests in February to get ready for the appointment. Pity about the weather we encountered in Jerez in November, as we had some new stuff to try, but we will use it soon”.

Enea, this is your second year in Moto2. Can we say that you quickly settled in?

“After four or five races I adapted quickly, and this is something that impressed me a lot. I felt comfortable right away with this bike, much more than when I started with Moto3. Too bad about the accident at the Red Bull Ring, but we still managed to get back up again."

How much do you think you have changed on the human side and not only after this first season in the intermediate class?

"I have to say that Moto2 helped me to grow, because you have to learn quickly, since there is no one waiting for you here. You have to be on the ball. I had to undergo a change, especially regarding the way I worked. Apart from that, I always try and keep my smile, which I think is fundamental when you compete, and when you are in the box. "

Where do you start from now?

"The goal is to do some good races and stay in the top five, given that in 2019 the priority was the top ten. On the other hand, the bar always rises, and expectations are high. We know that we can be fast and therefore I think it is right to aim big. "

You will have a new teammate. What should you expect from him?

"Lorenzo is very strong, he has already proven to be someone who learns quickly, and I am convinced that after a few races we will see him immediately competitive".

What does Bastianini need to win?

"For this Moto2 you have to be an “animal" because the level is really high, and you can't afford the slightest drop in performance."

Which riders will you take inspiration from?

“I studied Marquez, as well as other riders. As I said there are many fast riders and as a result not a single leader."

There will also be Di Giannantonio among the many opponents.

"He screwed me over for rookie of the year, he was good, he improved a lot and he will be one of those who will be battling for the top positions anyway".

In some ways do you still feel that you won that title?

“Morally I would say yes. It's not like that on paper but in the end, I think I showed that I can fight with the fastest riders."

What changes between Moto3 and Moto2?

“In Moto3 perhaps the management of certain situations matters most, seeing as there are a lot of riders. Here instead you need to work in the garage and determination is essential, given that you have to keep the same pace from the first to the last lap. "

What would you sacrifice to score your first win?

“I can't say my fiancée, because she's here next to me (laughs), so I would say the car, I’d go on foot."

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