SBK, Redding: "I'm ready for the season. You can bet on it."

"I had the potential to replicate Rea's time. We just have to take small steps forward." Davies: "I'm confident. We have a good foundation to start from."


The first tests of the new year have ended, and Scott Redding can now take stock. A third place at the end of the day can already offer some information, which the English rider can study, showing that he's very aware of his own abilities.

“The track conditions were better than yesterday," he explained. "But not enough to fully take advantage of the bike. We have some areas to improve and others where we have already done so. I'm ready for the season. You can bet on it if you want," he said laughing. "We're not far off. I felt I had the potential to replicate Rea's time today. We just have to take small steps forward."

Scott obviously doesn't forget the great number of rivals he has, starting with Rea the Cannibal.

"Rea knows the bike very well, and he probably already had a better set-up. All he has to do is repeat what he has done in the past seasons, and he does it well. On my part, I think about my situation and my strong points. The next tests in Portimao and those in Australia will certainly be useful for improving. There are many interesting tracks on the calendar, and I want to be fast everywhere."

Instead, Chaz Davies did not shine on the track today, closing at 15th, but he still remains positive and is waiting to get on the track in more favorable conditions.

“The positive thing today is being able to do a few laps when it's dry," Chaz stated. "I had some things to test, especially to work on my confidence for the rear, given that the weight distribution was not optimal today. But I hope the weather in Portimao will be better, so we can move ahead faster."

He's also thinking about this season, and his mood is still good.

“I'm optimistic about Australia because we have a good foundation. We just have to integrate the new parts and improve where we can. In this sense, testing when it's dry can certainly help."

Redding could also lend a hand in developing the Panigale, with which the Welsh rider has not yet particularly collaborated.

“So far, we haven't done much together. Each of us has worked on his own thing and obviously with the same material. It would certainly be interesting to understand who has followed the right path but, for the moment, I'm only working on my own situation."




Translated by Leila Myftija

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