MotoGP, VIDEO. The first images of the Rossi-Hamilton swap

A video appeared on the web that reveals the day of the swap between the two champions. Besides driving the Mercedes, Valentino also rode the M1 with Lewis.

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Nothing remains secret for too long on the web, and even if Monster has not yet released any images of Rossi and Hamilton's day in Valencia, a first video appeared that you can watch below.

Until now, nothing had leaked out about this test, but the images reveal many interesting things. As was announced, the two champions swapped vehicles, with Valentino on the Formula 1 Mercedes and Lewis on the Yamaha M1 MotoGP, but that wasn't all.

The Doctor also acted as a "coach" to the F1 champion, doing laps with him on the Yamaha. Taming the M1 is not easy. "After a certain speed, it moves all over the place," Hamilton said. "After a few laps, you begin to understand everything better," Rossi reassured him.

"Seeing the legend in action in front of me was fantastic," stated the British driver who, strictly in a black suit, rode a Yamaha with his #44 on the fairing, and the #46 was on the Mercedes "loaned" to Rossi. The two also did a few laps together with Valentino behind the wheel and Lewis on the bike.

But everyone is still curious to discover all the details of a swap that still has many surprises to unveil.

In the meantime, enjoy this:




Translated by Leila Myftija

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