MotoGP, Iannone furious: "Are you all nuts? I'll kill myself against the wall at 300 an hour."

VIDEO - The Aprilia RS-GP catches fire in a straight, and Andrea returns to the pit-box: "Enough! I said it ten times that the bike's not working. It ends here, today."


"Enough... I'm done... you're all nuts, nuts. Enough. Enough for today. I'll kill myself against the wall, against the wall at 300 an hour. I said it ten times that the bike wasn't working, it wasn't working!"

Here's the video:

An episode that made Andrea Iannone lose his patience. During one of his rounds, after having recently mounted new tires, Iannone was riding the straight in Valencia when something happened, as you can clearly see from the photos. The engine of his RS-GP had a technical problem on the straight, and the bike started to catch fire near the engine.

Iannone kept his cool, slowing to a stop near the ride-off area, with the rear wheel covered in oil and the bike still standing, holding it by its left handlebar. A commissioner intervened quickly, putting out the fire, but the following scenes are maybe even worse than the images of Iannone alongside his motorcycle in the ride-off area.

When he returned to the pit-box he began to raise his voice and point towards the technicians, including an astonished Romano Albesiano. Iannone was really angry, since he had a big scare, considering how fast he was going when the technical problem occurred. Things went well, but the consequences could have been disastrous.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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