MotoGP, Morbidelli: "All the Yamahas will be fast at Phillip Island."

"I wish I had the competitiveness I had in Japan, here in Australia. The track? Even in critical conditions, it's always great to ride on."


The test is one of those with a high coefficient of difficulty, since Phillip Island is one of the highlights of the calendar. Franco Morbidelli knows this well, so he doesn't want to betray expectations.

The SIC Petronas rider is becoming more aware of this.

"It's always difficult to make a prediction on Thursday, " he began. "We'll have to see what the conditions will be and understand our level. We were fast in the last race, but that's another story. Marc will definitely be the man to beat, but I'm convinced that all the Yamahas will be fast because this layout is more suited to our bike than Motegi was."

But the weather risks playing the leading role.

"Today is a beautiful day, while Friday and Saturday will be the exact opposite. Phillip Island is still nice even in critical conditions. It's a great pleasure to ride on this track."

About the difficulties encountered with the tires in Japan.

"We haven't investigated that much. We're more concentrated on Sunday. We have to move forward. In Japan, I saw that our speed wasn't fantastic, but now I'm thinking about Australia. I want to have the same competitiveness I had last week for that race also."

Instead, on Dalla Porta, who's ready to conquer the World Championship in the Moto3...

"There are lots of emotions, especially the night before you can win the title. To Lorenzo, I say enjoy it all. Those are intense moments that have to be appreciated, although there's lots of tension. He has to have fun. I think Dalla Porta faced this world in a great manner, revealing to be a perfect strategist, especially in managing races. So I suggest that he continue to do what he's done so far."

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio

Translated by Leila Myftija

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