SBK, Rea: "The championship won't count on Sunday. I want to win."

Johnny's only somewhat happy: "I built up a good race, but I didn't complete the job. There where many risky but fun maneuvers."


Jonathan Rea's was a bittersweet Sunday. His point advantage in the championship, along with the podium are, in fact, something to smile about, but losing a victory on the last lap is something that a rider like Rea cannot accept.

"When I saw the gap on the timesheet, at few laps from the end, I thought I could manage by following my own pace," Rea said. "But I didn't. I made some mistakes on the last lap in the second sector, allowing Toprak to attack in the third. If I consider the championship, it's a great result, but I'm somewhat disappointed because I had a great race without completing the job. I'm not going to think about the championship tomorrow. I just want to win."

Jonathan has once again shown that he's a champion who's hungry for victories, and he didn't want to know anything (or almost anything) about his rival for the title during the race. "I didn't want to know Bautista's position. The only thing the team should have pointed out to me was the possibility of his leaving the scene. Starting this morning, I'm not thinking about the championship nor will I tomorrow."

Speaking of today's race, there were lots of overtakes and spectacular maneuvers, as n.1 confirmed.

"Some maneuvers were risky. I had a very good view from the front. Chaz's maneuver went over the limit and caused a fall. The others were risky but fun. I think this happened in the race because no one knew how much to push at the beginning, since there were still some wet sections. The most critical moment? I don't remember precisely. I just remember that another rider cut the line from the outside, and I had to act accordingly."

Then his thoughts finally return to tomorrow, where Johnny wants to improve the bike to, like he said, aim for a first place.

"I have two other opportunities to win tomorrow, and I have to improve the bike. I didn't feel very comfortable on the bike today. I have to improve in stopping the bike and changing direction in fast corners. I felt a big push from the rear that limited me."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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