MotoGP, Marquez defends Bautista: "he hadn't fought for a title for a long time"

"Fighting for the title brings pressure that is hard to manage. Winning at Misano or anywhere else is the same to me, Quartararo is my future rival"


Marc Marquez arrives in the home of many of his rivals, but he's still smiling. Marc has 78 good reasons to remain calm in fact, despite having lost out at the final corner in the last two races. “The last races have gone really well at the last corner - he jokes - and the fuel wasn't the problem at Silverstone, I gave it my all for the entire race and come the last lap the tyres were finished".

Back to this weekend's race and Marc is quick to quash any possible controversy, explaining that it is the same for him whether he wins at Misano or any other track. Marc is looking to the future, and already knows who his next rival will be.

“The championship is the most important thing to me – he explains - any personal events linked to one particular race count for nothing in my opinion. As for the future, Quartararo is my biggest worry, he's the strongest Yamaha rider and the results prove this. He's riding well and he's fast, he's still gaining in experience but I'd bet on him for the future, even if you never know with bikes”.

It is hard not to cite Marc as favourite, but Alvaro Bautista's story teaches a lesson, for #93 too.

“I've not talked to him but these things happen. In 2014, I crashed at Misano and Aragon but luckily my rivals didn't profit. These things can happen, especially if you haven't fought for a title for many years. Fighting for a title brings new pressures that are hard to manage”.

This said, #93 is aware that he can play on the defence at Misano, while nevertheless aiming for the podium.

“This is a race where keeping calm is key, the important thing is to score points. 78 points is a decent margin but we need to stay focused. Last year, I kept calm, closing second, two years ago I won because I felt strong. over the weekend, I might try some new parts that we previously tested, but we don't go crazy trying to do so”.

So we might say that Marquez' strategy is to defend by attacking, the Spaniard also motivated by a talented fellow countryman, Rafa Nadal.

“Nadal is an inspiration. They've been talking about his retirement for four year, but he still fights for every ball with his motivation and talent. He's an example of how positive year can be followed by an even better one, he's 33 and currently in the best shape of his career”.

There is also time to touch on the Misano test, during which Marc worked with regard to both present and future.

“I spent one day preparing for the race and one day prepping for the future. The general pace was slow, but the important thing is that we were up with the best. The Yamahas were all quick while Dovizioso wasn't 100%, but he will be for the race. We'll have to wait and see, and it also depends on the condition of the asphalt”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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