MotoGP, Silverstone: Track limit adjusted at Turn 6

After Rossi's and Quartararo's complaints (when their times were deleted), the white track limit boundary was adjusted.


Turn 6 was all the riders talked about yesterday, or at least those who had seen their times annulled by the track limit (like Quartarato, Rossi, and Nakagami but who then had their times reinstated thanks to slow motion footage).

"At that point, the white line narrows too sharply. It's easy to end up on the green asphalt," Fabio and Valentino had complained, promising to take the case to the Safety Commission, which was scheduled last night.

The rider's complaints were accepted, and the problem was solved, thanks to a simple can of paint.

The problem was the track limit that narrowed too abruptly out of the curve. It was adjusted, so that the riders have more space to return to the track, without touching the green asphalt with their wheels, which would mean having their times annulled.

The change was already tested during the FP3.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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