Dovizioso: "Marquez? Nobody likes to fight and lose"

"I watched the Austria race back more than five times. With the new asphalt, many will be quick, I won't make predictions but I want to win"


There are some moves that leave more of a mark than others, and Andrea Dovizioso is gradually learning this. The Italian arrives in Silverstone strong from his Austrian win, earned with that pass at the final turn that no one is about to forget. Andrea smiles as he thinks back, and is ready for battle.

“I'm as revved up as if I raced yesterday. my move was smooth and controlled, and looks a little easier on TV. It wasn't easy because the turn isn't a real hard braking point, but the real difficulty was entering and exiting as I did, because putting the two things together was very complicated. I watched the race back more than five times, it's too good”.

It's time to turn the page now though, and Andrea is pleased to do so, keen to test the new asphalt at Silverstone.

“I'm pleased to race here at Silverstone. If the asphalt is smooth it will be great because the track is a really good one. The new asphalt will condition the weekend as always, either positively or negatively, I don't know. Many of us will be quick and so anything could happen, we need to work well. It's hard to make predictions but the goal is to win”.

Could we be in for another Dovi-Marquez battle? It's possible, but the ducatista knows he's in for a fight.

“Marc is smart and it's true he's looking to the championship, he's proving to have something exrta, because when he struggles he's still in the mix, but it's not nice to fight like that if you don't win. I would like to repeat what I did, but I know it won't be easy”.

In conclusion, Dovi considers a bittersweet statistic. #04 is the third Italian in the classification of most MotoGP wins, but he's also the second most successful rider to have not won a title in the category.

“My career's been a little strange. I've often been fast but not at the front enough, though by working we've created situations that have allowed me to fight for race wins and the championship. The title hasn't come yet, and winning it would be massive, but in recent years I've proved strong. It's a pity because I'm doing well, I've grown a lot. As for the other statistic, I didn't expect to be here after my first years in MotoGP, many expected a lot less of me".


Translated by Heather Watson

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