Moto3, Danny Kent involved in a fight and sentenced to 4 months in prison

The former Moto3 world champion, the first Brit to win in 38 years since Barry Sheene, had a knife with him. His sentence has been suspended


Daniel Kent, 25, 2015 Moto3 world champion with team Leopard, has received a four month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months reports the BBC.

The rider, the first Brit to win a world championship since Barry Sheene in 1977, pleaded guilty before the Magistrates Court in Cheltenham, after having admitted to carrying a kitchen knife in the West Street carpark in Tetbury on 7 March, when he was involved in a fight with a 63-year old man.

Kent justified his actions by telling police that he and his brother were collecting a debt, but that he wouldn't have used the knife, which had a 6 inch blade.

His lawyer added "One of the men, the defendant's brother, confronted the 63-year-old and there was a scuffle and the older man took the young man to the ground. He pinned him down and then the other man, the defendant, came over and pushed the older man off."


Translated by Heather Watson

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