MotoGP, Lorenzo: "A fall at 200 km/h, it scared me"

Only a bad blow for Jorge: "I was able to continue the test. The Honda amazed me with how quickly I got what I had asked for."


Today should have been an important test for Lorenzo in Barcelona, to whom Honda promised updates after the trip to Japan last week. Unfortunately, the day started in the worst way for the rider from Mallorca, who fell in the morning, going about 200 km/h at Turn 9.

"I wasn't thrown off the bike. I lost the front at a very high speed," he said. "In some portions of this track, the run-off areas are not enough, and so I hit the air fence. The bike actually leapt over the barriers. I was scared at the beginning because I felt a lot of pain in my back. I could have hurt myself badly."

How do you feel now?
"I feel pain all over my body. I hit my elbow and left foot. I didn't break anything. I even managed to continue the tests, but I was in pain and was riding a second slower than before.”

You've always been a rider who doesn't make many mistakes. Now you fall a lot. Why?
"There's nothing to worry about. I simply lack experience on the Honda. The front is the most critical point of the bike, and I happen to fall.”

Did you still manage to complete the work plan?
"First of all, I have to say that Honda surprised me with how fast they were able to make the updates I had requested. It was important to give the engineers indications. I kept trying parts to improve the ergonomics and other small details."

Were you also able to ride the 2020 prototype?
"No, I only had a few parts for next year. But Nakagami tried the 2019 bike, and now we have more information. Generally, the current bike is better than last year but, as far as cornering is concerned, it's more problematic. For next year, my the goal is to make a bike without weaknesses.”

In Ducati, braking had become one of your strengths. What now?
"The Ducati is a very stable bike when braking. the Honda is different. I'm starting to understand how to ride it, and I had more confidence yesterday in the race, even if it lasted less than I wanted," he said smiling.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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