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MotoGP, Zarco: "Bayle will give me the freedom I lack"

Johann acknowledged his faults after Pierer's criticism: "I lost control. I hope my results at Le Mans can be the best answer."

MotoGP: Zarco: "Bayle will give me the freedom I lack"


That sense of familiarity did Zarco well. He was able to distract himself a bit after he was attacked by KTM's CEO, Stefan Pierer, who said he was very disappointed by him. "I had a great evening at the Moulin Rouge, and champagne gave me the energy to try things behind the scenes... correct things," he laughed.

Johann needed a bit of good humor to get back on top.

"In these moments, I've always felt the support of my fans, they believe in me ," he said. "Apart from that, the two days of testing after Jerez were very useful. I finally had time to try so many things. It's hard work, but  all you need is to find even just one improving component to be useful. I think those tests will help me reduce the disadvantage from the best and make for a good weekend."

You'll also have Jean-Michel Bayle by your side...
"He needs no introduction... We had our first contact last year. We talked a bit, but I needed time to understand what I needed after having Fellon with me for so long."

When did you decide to work together?
"The last 5 months have been difficult for me, and I realized that, with him, I'll be able to work on myself, as well as help in my relations with the team.  The most important thing is to understand, to keep in mind the most important thing: I'm a rider, and I have to face the races as such, not as a test rider or an engineer."

Did he teach you anything yet?
"I trained with him, and I realized that you must always have a clear mind. Jean-Michel will be able to give me some of this freedom."

How did you instead react to Pierer's words?
"I couldn't speak directly with him these days, but I understood why he said certain things.  I didn't behave properly, I didn't say good things about KTM, and I lost control. Stefan is a frank person, he invests a lot of money in this project and he could not but say what he said."

Do you admit your mistake?
"I have to be more patient, think about improving, but you can sometimes make a mistake.  I understood his position, and I hope that my results at Le Mans can be the best answer on my part."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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