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SBK, Haslam: "Disappointed with the cancellation, I was strong in the wet"

"I cannot stop the bike, it's harder than I expected. I'm trying to change my riding style"

SBK: Haslam: "Disappointed with the cancellation, I was strong in the wet"


The difficulties continue for Leon Haslam, never consistent on the Kawasaki, not even over the Imola weekend. What are the issues with his bike?

The biggest difficulty - states Haslam - is still braking and at a circuit like this, with a lot of hard braking points, it's a bit like being given a penalty. Comparing the data with Rea's, I'm losing a lot of time and the sensations are not good at all". 

Jonathan Rea was finally able to score wins in both race 1 and the Superpole race, aside from the braking difficulties, what else sets you apart from your team-mate?

"Johnny is very strong here, I knew that and was sure it would be a tough weekend for me. he's been riding the bike for a long time and has adapted his riding style (or the bike has been adapted). I'm trying to do the same but Sykes had the same problems in recent years. I'm improving on corner exit anyway and am more precise but I cannot brake well on entry and that penalises me too much. I'm trying to modify my riding style".

The race 1 podium included young Kawasaki rider Ratzgatlioglu, but Leon Haslam is not worried.

"Toprak did well and deserved the podium in race 1, but I had many issues. This morning I didn't push too hard in the wet and finished six seconds ahead of him. I felt good in the wet and was a little disappointed that race 2 was cancelled"



Translated by Heather Watson

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