Moto2, Pasini: "In Jerez, I’ll talk about lots of riders who I beat!"

VIDEO Mattia doesn't give up: "There are serious teams that want me. Now it's a political problem. Frustrating to see riders on the track who take three seconds away from me."

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Mattia Pasini was present at Misano for the Dainese Riding Masters as an instructor. Returning from a fantastic race in Austin, where he got 4th place on Team Pons’ Kalex, Paso commented with us on his current situation. He proved to be a true Moto2 top rider on the track but, in Jerez, he’ll probably be forced to talk again about riders who he beat by a long run on the track.

In his opinion, there’s more than one team waiting.  Those  who want to get him back on the track… and very soon. However, at the moment, the main problem is that there is no opening in the crowded Moto2. But Mattia doesn't want to give up and, if a chance exists for him to return, he'll be ready.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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