MotoGP, Introducing the Aprilia "triplane spoon"

The appendage was mounted on Iannone and Espargaro's RS-GP bikes during private testing at Austin, initial feedback is positive


Romano Albesiano had promised it and he has now delivered: at Austin Aprilia has tested its own spoon for the first time. Not during the race weekend but on Monday, during a private test at the CotA track.

In the photo above (taken by colleague Mat Oxley from MotorSport) you can clearly see the solution in use on the RS-GP. The team in Noale had already begun working on a device for that part of the bike over the winter, but development then stopped because Technical Director Danny Aldridge told them it was forbidden.

A few months later and things have radically changed. It doesn't take a genius to know that all the bikes will soon boast this kind of device.

Aprilia's solution appears very similar to that of Ducati, the appendage formed of three 'wings', while Honda (that briefly tested a device with Marquez during free practice at Austin) has a spoon formed of just one profile.

Initial feedback after testing in Texas is positive and is it very probable that Aprilia will use the appendage during the next Jerez GP.

Photo Courtesy © Mat Oxley / MotorSport @matoxley


Translated by Heather Watson

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