MotoE, Jürgen Lingg (Dynavolt): there were problems recharging the batteries

"The technicians yesterday had problems charging the bikes. They decided to move them from the tent to the paddocks. Then they reassured us by saying that they would be there all night."


As the only German team, the Dynavolt Intact GP team from Memmingen, was on the track in Jerez with Jesko Raffin who was supposed to have taken part in the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup championship, which was scheduled to start on the Andalusian track May 5th.

The team principal, Jürgen Lingg, could not believe his eyes when he headed for the MotoE tent in the morning where all the paddocks of every team were located.

 "I have no idea how and why the fire broke,” he told Speedweek. “The Energica technicians yesterday had problems charging the bikes (* Following Jürgen Lingg's statements to Speedweek, Energica pointed out that the allegations are completely unfounded because the company is not in charge of the battery charging process)".

"They also thought of bringing them from this new tent to the usual paddocks in the main building. But, in the evening, they explained that they would make sure there was enough electricity. We left the track yesterday at about 8:30pm. At that moment, the motorcycle batteries had not yet been charged. The Energica technicians had reassured us by telling us that they would stay all night to charge one battery at a time. I don't know what happened, exactly. I suspect the fire broke out when charging the batteries. Then a motorcycle started to burn. That’s just a personal supposition. We don't have any information, yet. Nothing at all. The police are here, everything is sealed. They are investigating everything."

However, all the material for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup was destroyed by the fire.

"Even the complete equipment burned. All our instruments, and so on, were in there. Today, we have nothing left to put in our trailer," Lingg concluded. The team manager estimated the damage for the Intact team to be around 50,000 Euros.

Instead, the 260 kg bikes are not owned by the teams but are provided free-of-charge by Energica and Dorna. The original calendar, which will probably be revised (read HERE), included 5 stages on European tracks. The Spielberg in Austria and the Sachsenring in Germany are also part of the calendar.

Energica cannot re-manufacturer 18 new competition prototypes or the two replacement bikes until the scheduled start of the season on May 5th.

"I have no idea what the future holds. Here everything is 'top secret'. The police are investigating. We're going home today because all we can do is stand around. I changed my flight reservation..."

The heat generated while recharging the 100 kg batteries of the Energica bikes has always been a problem, even with an external temperature of 20 degrees, huge fans were often seen near the bikes.






Translated by Leila Myftija

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