MotoGP, Bagnaia: "The debut? Physically, I'm ready. Let's hope the track is, too."

"I fell during a long run, but my improvement after the first tire drop satisfies me. Miller: Two excellent tests. I'm ready."


Training time is over. Now’s the time to get serious. Pecco Bagnaia has officially completed his first pre-season as a MotoGP rider, and the souvenir that he takes away with him the last day of testing is a fall combined with his 13th final position. Pecco analyzes the day, looking at his suit, starting from the fall.

"It's not great to see the mark, but I'm still satisfied. I slipped during a long run, at the beginning of the 17th lap. I had a very strong start. At the first drop of the tires, I got into a state, but then I was getting on a good time, and I didn't expect it. In a long run, you have to understand many things as compared to the Moto2, for example, changing the maps and understanding the tires."

Speaking of the day, overall, Pecco maintains the right dose of optimism.

"It was a positive day,"  he confirms. "Better than the previous two. Today we also only had one time attack, unfortunately, but it was better to concentrate on the pace, given that  there's a race in two weeks.  We came to understand other interesting things, no doubt. Riding without wings? It's very different and harder. It's easier when entering, but what I lost in exiting was too much."

The anxiety for the first race grows, but n.63 is psyched and eager to do well.

"Physically, I can do the race. I'll have to see in what time. Surely, the climate will totally change, as will the motivations. I think I'm ready. In my opinion, today was a day dedicated to paces, where we were able to understand more. I was surprised by Quartararo. Then I see Rins and Vinales are strong."

Jack Miller is also satisfied. Tenth in the standings, but apparently ready to weigh in on this.

"Both tests were positive. This was different, given that we worked mainly on the pace and with used tires. In the race, we made great strides in terms of consistency, so I feel comfortable. I'm ready for the race. The team has worked well, and I like the new Ducati a lot."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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