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MotoGP, Pedrosa to Puig: "leave those who don't speak badly of you alone"

Dani has replied to his former manager following his outburst "I'm sorry he holds that view, he could have told me in person, his change in opinion is strange"

MotoGP: Pedrosa to Puig: "leave those who don't speak badly of you alone"

Alberto Puig, on the pages of La Vanguardia, attacked not only Valentino Rossi but also Dani Pedrosa, his former protege. It's no mystery that since Puig's arrival in Honda as team manager, his relationship with the Spaniard has been tense to say the least, and the fact that Dani has now decided to retire does not appear to be totally unrelated.

Despite it all, Pedrosa has never fueled any controversy. It's another story for Puig who has accused Dani of having changed a great deal in recent years and of not having wanted to be MotoGP world champion with enough intensity.

Strong words and, if you will permit us, a little out of place considering Dani's career and loyalty. Pedrosa has replied to his former manager with this note on his social channels.

“I'm sorry to learn about Alberto Puig's view and disappointment concerning my past results. And I find it strange that he's changed his opinion of me from one day to the next. I hope one day he'll get over it. l gave him the very best of myself, offering that I could at all times. To doubt that a rider wants to be champion is not something someone working in this sport should consider. I would have appreciated it if he'd spoken to me directly about this resentment, having had many opportunities this year, rather than waiting until I'm no longer part of the team to say it, this unhealthy harassment doesn't bother me in the slightest. There is a time for everything. In any case, he should leave those who say nothing bad about him in peace .”

Translated by Heather Watson

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