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MotoGP, Marquez: "Lorenzo and I won't be like Senna and Prost"

"The track is one thing, off it is another. I hope to have a better relationship with Jorge than Dovizioso had with him”

MotoGP: Marquez: "Lorenzo and I won't be like Senna and Prost"

Marc Marquez's development work continued at Valencia yesterday. A new four-cylinder engine, a brand-new frame and updated electronics as well as a steering damper control mounted on the plate, a solution never seen before.

Marc summed up day two of testing.

"We mainly worked with the aim of testing all the new parts on the RC 213V brought here for testing. There were many new things to understand. We have collated a lot of useful information for development, now we need to analyse that data and prepare the material for Jerez”.

You've tested two new bikes.

I concentrated on testing both. They were different: one slightly more advanced than the other. In the afternoon, we were consistent during a race simulation and we're pleased, particularly with the new Honda four-cylinder. Everything has improved with the new engine. The request was for better torque and smooth delivery. We also need to work on the electronics. As for the frame, we only worked on the different set-ups available: today I was able to ride with the medium front tyre, thanks to the characteristics of the new frame. During the season that was difficult, sometimes impossible”.

Then there is the new electronic steering damper.

It's a bit different to a traditional one but, at the end of the day, it is no different to those used previously, I don't have to modify my riding style”.

Are you pleased with the third fastest time?

I started strong in the morning, then calmed myself because I was worried about crashing, so I promised myself to keep calm and keep the pace. It's best not to hurt myself right now. Now we'll look at how to improve, because at Jerez we'll try to take a step forward in terms of speed and competitiveness”.

You have a new team-mate, did you check his lap times?

I didn't, no, I only focused on my own work. Lorenzo and I both tested the new bike, taking it one step at a time. The Honda is a difficult bike when you ride it for the first time, but he'll soon be fast”.

Some are comparing the HRC garage to the McLaren team of Senna and Prost, rivals and enemies. Will 2019 be like this for you and Jorge?

I don't think Jorge and I will have the same tension between us as Ayrton and Alain. Of course, every rider wants to win the title and be ahead, we will each try to give and take 100%. Off track, we will still be team-mates. Up until now, Lorenzo and I have had tough battles in Austria, and at Brno, and we've maintained a professional relationship, he is serious and more mature than me, he has more experience. In the end, the track is one thing, off track is another, and I hope to have a better relationship with Jorge than Dovizioso had with him”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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