MotoGP, Iannone: "My Suzuki and I have podium potential"

Andrea: "We are still struggling with tyre wear in the race, but I don't think that depends on me"


Assen left a bitter taste in his mouth and now he is looking for redemption on a track where he was forced to retire last year. In fact, Andrea Iannone prefers not to dwell on the 2017 GP of Germany.

“To be honest, I don’t remember anything about the race last year – The Maniac began joking – Right now we need to improve our Sunday, because on Friday and Saturday we are competitive, but then we struggle in the race.”

Andrea does not mind the German track.

“I like this track, although personally I prefer others, but let’s just say that there is something about the Sachsenring. So, we’ll try to see which path to take and at the same time how to take steps forward, especially in terms of tyre performance. I don’t think that this aspect depends on me, but in any case, I will also do something different in order to deal with this situation.

So Iannone tries to keep morale high.

We have podium potential, but we are unable to bring it home – he admitted – in the race we suffer with tyre deterioration and consequently I am unable to be faster. I’ll focus and at the same time tackle the upcoming races in a more carefree way, without too many worries, trying to have fun.”

By his facial expression, he seems to be at ease.

“We need to work a bit better, since in some races we are unable to take steps forward. Personally, I am calm and serene.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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