SBK, Sykes: "Me to blame? The images say it all"

Tom: "Johnny made a mistake the calculate the space, arriving long. I'm not to blame and race direction confirmed that"


The contact between Rea and Sykes captured a lot of the attention after race 2 at Brno. Yes, because Johnny crashed out just three laps in, pointing the finger at this team-mate and blaming him for his fall. Asked about the incident, Tom was clear in defending himself.

“To be honest, I don't understand how Johnny can say it's my fault - commented #66 – he passed me and then went long. He tried to correct it but I was on the best line and couldn't do any different”.

This hasn't gone down well in Kawasaki.

“Everyone has their own view, as well as their own motivations. The images speak for me and race direction decided that the contact with Johnny was a simple race incident”.

#66 remains disappointed though.

“As I've said, Rea went long and then badly calculated the room he had. I don't think it's right to blame me, when the error was his, i'm sorry about his race, I saw his reaction but it wasn't my mistake. It's a pity to finish Sunday this way, as my feelings with the Kawasaki were good. We had a good opportunity to score a great result, instead things went the other way. We'll try  again at Laguna Seca".    

Translated by Heather Watson

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