SBK, Rea rage: "Sykes was a lunatic!"

"I want to know what he was thinking, but this wasn't the first time, he always does this with me. I would have win today, 100%"


There is anger on Johnny Rea's face, because he's finding the crash as a result of making contact with Tom Sykes hard to swallow. #66 ruled the Cannibal out of the game early on, and the latter applauded him ironically for his move. Post-race, the three-time champion cut to the chase, leaving all irony aside.

“I don't understand what Tom was thinking - commented #1 to colleagues at Speedweekit's sheer madness. An absurd move and I can't even understand how he can say it's my fault seeing as he touched my bike, elbow and knee, pushing me to the outside”.

Rea gets straight to the point.

“It could have been avoided, but he always does that with me. With other riders, if he can't respond to them passing he makes way, with me he doesn't give up. It's crazy and I struggle to understand his behaviour. I can't accept that he blames me, seeing as his move is clear to see in the images”.

And yet race direction didn't penalise the #66 Kawasaki rider.

“I explained my point of view to race direction, but they didn't take any action against Tom. What I'm most upset about is having thrown away the race, I'm sure I would have won today, because I felt really strong and competitive with the Kawasaki”.  

Translated by Heather Watson

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