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SBK, Serious accident for Camier, transferred to hospital

After crashing, Leon was then hit by the MV of a blameless Torres. he was treated at the scene, before being transferred to nearby Alcaniz

SBK: Serious accident for Camier, transferred to hospital

The worst kind of scene to witness, during a motorcycle race.

Unexpectedly thrown from his Fireblade, Leon Camier was then run over by a blameless Jordi Torres, who had been battling with the Red Bull rider and with Lorenzo Savadori on the RSV4.

Leon first took a blow when he landed on the Aragon asphalt, but then came another more serious one, the wheels of Torres' MV Agusta, the Spaniard unable to change course and avoid the Brit; Savadori was also caught up in the incident, hitting the already crashed Honda which caused him to fall too.

While Jordi and Lorenzo got away with some scratches and a certain degree of shock, Leon needed to be treated at the scene; while the #2 rider was moving, he was unable to walk away from the scene.

The red flag came out of course as, as well as Leon and the first-aiders, there were also various bike parts on the ground as a result of the incident. The man left most disappointed was Torres, unable to take part in the second part of the race due to the damage caused to his bike.

Camier was initially moved to the circuit medical centre but, after further checks, the Brit was transferred to the closest hospital, in the town of Alcaniz.

Having been declared 'stable' and out of serious danger, the Honda rider is now undergoing further tests to access the extent of his injuries.


Translated by Heather Watson

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