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MotoGP, Marquez: the crash made me faster

"I had to use the second bike, not part of the plan, and I was quicker. Dovizioso is close? I'm missing 6 tenths in terms of pace"

MotoGP: Marquez: the crash made me faster

It was one of those Marquez days, in which he made another spectacular save (“I looked at the data: I was leaning 66° degrees but didn't crash" he laughs), then crashed and finally set a very fast time, the third quickest of the day.

Marc knew that he couldn't take this test for granted.

“Today was difficult. I started with yesterday's base and the times were good but then we started to test many things and lost the way a little”.

As if that wasn't enough, then came the crash.

The temperatures were dropping, I had the hard tyre and lost the front at turn two. In the end, the crash had a positive outcome because I got on the second bike, which we hadn't planned to use, and I was quicker”.

A small and unexpected small forward, but the Spanish champion knows it's not enough.

Our aim for tomorrow is to confirm the set-up and improve our pace, because it's true that I'm third but we're struggling with pace here. It's time to be more consistent, Dovizioso and the Suzukis are fast, especially with Iannone. I've always said that this is a tough track for us, but we're close anyway”.

How close?

With respect to Dovizioso, we're further than it appears from the flying lap. I'll be honest, we're still struggling with pace here, right now I'm 6 or 7 tenths slower than him in terms of pace”.

Work continues on in the right direction though and Marquez is satisfied.

“Everything's clear this year. Honda reacts quickly and I really appreciate that. Everything new that they bring works well. We've tried to improve the acceleration and top speed and reduce the wheelieing. In terms of top speed, we've succeeded, but we have more to do in the other areas, that's why I tested the new fairing. What did I think? It's good, but it won't be easy to understand at which tracks we can use it."

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