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Thieves steal Dovizioso Sr.'s MX bike

Antonio was in the Turin area, taking part in the TransBorgaro, but thieves stole his bike on Saturday night

News: Thieves steal Dovizioso Sr.'s MX bike

In the Dovizioso family, it's not just Andrea who's a big MX fan. Dad Antonio also enjoys his off-road riding and was in Borgaro, near Turin, set to take part in the 39th edition of the TransBorgaro this weekend. A race in which many former MX legends participate and, in recent years, the father of the MotoGP rider too.

Unfortunately, Antonio was in for a nasty surprise when he awoke yesterday morning. The van containing his MX bike, parked outside his hotel, was stolen during the night. Dovizioso Sr. reported the theft to the Carabinieri della Compagnia di Venaria, who found the abandoned van in Turin that same afternoon, though there is sadly no trace of the bike.

Translated by Heather Watson

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