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SBK, van der Mark, a pop at Pirelli in a tweet

The Yamaha rider laughs about the tyres following a comment by Jeremy McWilliams after the Silverstone GP

SBK: van der Mark, a pop at Pirelli in a tweet

Sunday's Silverstone race left a bitter aftertaste for Ferrari, let down by the tyres in the final laps. Raikkonen saw a second place finish go up in smoke, Vettel fourth place. The Finnish driver was nevertheless able to get to the line and reach the podium, in third, but it was a different matter for the German, who finished seventh and now has just a one-point lead over Hamilton in the standings.

With regard to the tyre debacle, a tweet by KTM test rider Jeremy McWilliams gained attention when he wrote “The F1 championship will be decided by the tyres or should I say by tyre problems”van der Mark didn't miss the chance to join in, asking: “What tyres are they using?”

It seems that the Yamaha rider hasn't yet got over the setback at Misano, which saw him finish on the ground after his rear tyre burst.  

Translated by Heather Watson

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