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MotoGP, Iannone: Hayden instilled the positivity and freedom of the Americans in me

The Maniac confident ahead of the French round: "At Le Mans you'll see a Suzuki that is stronger in braking"

MotoGP: Iannone: Hayden instilled the positivity and freedom of the Americans in me

Le Mans is a resit for Andrea Iannone .The Suzuki rider is obliged to make up for things after the disappointment of Jerez, where a crash forced him to wave the white flag after just a few laps. Aside from the weather, France holds other unknowns.

“It's the first time I'll ride the Suzuki here in France and I don't know what to expect, I hope we can do more than we've done up until now though. I think we did some good week at the test, particularly regarding the bike's behaviour”.

To what in particular are you referring?

“We tried a few new things that offered an advantage in certain areas, but these are still to be refined. We're pleased with some aspects, while others not entirely”.

Such as?

We've improved a lot in braking and lost in terms of agility, which would be the Suzuki's strength. In the end, we've decided not to introduce these new things at Le Mans, I've simply asked that we combine the current packaged, keeping the classic agility and something extra in braking”.

Is Le Mans a chance to focus on the new fairing?

“This is a track where the winglets can make a real difference, we've seen that several times in the past. So it will be important to compare both fairings to understand which is the better solution”.

Hayden's accident has affected us all.

“In my first year in Borgo Panigale, I remember how fast he was, he wasn't easy to be as strong as him. He taught me to better understand the bike and how to ride it, making the most of the Ducati's potential”.

What do you remember of your relationship?

“I've always considered him humble, I've never heard anyone in the paddock say a bad word about him, he also instilled the freedom and positivity so typical of the Americans in me. He now faces the battle of his life, and I hope he makes it, I wish this for him with all my heart”.    

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