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MotoGP, Dovizioso's proposal: only FP3 to access Q2

"Work is becoming difficult, other riders are supporting me". On the Austin GP: "I'm aiming for the win, we've always done well here"

MotoGP: Dovizioso's proposal: only FP3 to access Q2

This is one of the most beautiful tracks but also one of the most difficult", Dovizioso wants to shake off the unfortunate Argentinian weekend and get back on track, in the best possible way, at Austin.

What makes it so difficult?
The track is very wide and long and there are many possible trajectories. It's also very physical, with fast changes of direction and 4 incredible hard braking points”.

Why is the Honda so well suited to the track?
“Because they can choose the lines, allowing the rear to slide and that helps a lot here. They can find the right trajectory using the gas and they're the only ones who manage to do it".

You said how tough the track is, is the Ducati less so without wings?
Sure, but it doesn't change much as it's the same for everyone”.

We won't see the new fairing here either, does that limit you?
I don't consider it the most important aspect right now, we don't need it to catch-up. I know Lorenzo sees it differently, but he doesn't fully know our bike yet”.

You do though, what happened in Argentina?
I would wait a few more races before having clear ideas about the work, not just ours but everyone's. I don't want to boast, but I know the Ducati well and was not surprised by what happened in the first two races. I am able to explain it”.

So why can't the problems be solved?
There's a big difference between understanding the problems and solving them”.

But the ‘old’ Desmosedici seems better than the new one…
I know the difference between the various bikes and am not surprised, it's not as big a difference as you might think, the positive points are similar. Also, Ducati is able to effectively manage all the bikes and has evolved them, the GP15 and 16 on track now are not identical to the ones I rode. Evaluations should be made at the end of the race, not after one fast lap".

Having said that, what are you aiming for here?
To win, because we've always gone well at Austin. Though every race is a different with Michelin”.

Changing the subject, you've proposed to the Safety Commission that only FP3 is taken into consideration for entry into Q2. Why?
It was an idea I already proposed last year and now other riders are supporting me. It won't be easy to change and I don't know if or when we'll succeed. But in this way we'd have longer to work ”.

Can you explain?
Right now, we need to set a good time in every session. In 45 minutes you can make a maximum of 3 exits, and in one you need to set your lap time. So it becomes difficult to work and, especially, there's not the time to test all the tyres we have available. I don't think my solution wouldn't put anyone at a disadvantage, as we'd all be in the same situation".

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