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MotoGP, Lorenzo: in Argentina I was mad with myself, not with Ducati

Jorge explains the gesture of dropping the bike: "I'm not proud of it but it can happen. I still believe I can win"

MotoGP: Lorenzo: in Argentina I was mad with myself, not with Ducati

There's been some controversy about the images of Lorenzo letting his Ducati fall to the ground after crasing in Argentina. At Austin, he wanted to explain himself.

It's not good and I'm not proud, I won't let it happen again - he apologises - Sometimes it happens and a sportsman can have a moment of anger, like a tennis player throwing his racquet, but this doesn't mean you disrespect the sport or anything. I was just very angry in that moment, I knew that the mistake was mine alone, I didn't blame the bike or Iannone”.

The Majorcan doesn't appreciate those who exaggerated the scene though.

Some opportunists modified the truth, saying that I was shouting at the bike, but I never said anything to any bike - he smiles - Or they said I was disrespecting the Ducati and the mechanics' work, but the truth is that I'm proud of where I am and pleased with the work we're doing. Nothing more”.

Now Jorge must look ahead and take the positives from the Argentinian weekend.

“The only positive thing is that I didn't hurt myself, Baz's bike missed me by just a few centimetres - he recalls - That was the only positive, I only completed one corner and needed more mileage under my belt to confirm the sensations. I will continue to adapt here, it's not the best track for my riding style but it is for the Ducati”.

He seemed to have found the way forward at Termas though, raising the seat.

There's no one thing that gives you a second, but there are many small things that can give you half - he underlines - This would allow me to be in the top five and maybe, on the right day, fight for the podium. That's already different to be fighting to reach the top 10”.

Lorenzo is not having an easy time but he's pleased with Ducati.

They haven't complained at all, in fact I feel very protected - he explains - It's in the difficult times that one shows their loyalty, when it's all going well it's easy. I'm trying to adapt quickly to the Ducati, though it's taking longer than I expected. At times like these, I need more miles but I'm not giving up - in fact I still think I have chance to win this year”.

Ducati has already decided on its private test days: before the Le Mans GP, Lorenzo and Doviziosi will be at Mugello for a test day, then after the French race they will be at Barcelona for two test days. Then on 25 August, they'll head to Misano for the final test day permitted by the regulations.

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