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MotoGP, A marriage proposal for Alvaro Bautista

His girlfriend: "Will you marry me?" and the Spaniard reveals: "I asked her before leaving for Argentina, we're going to get married!"

MotoGP: A marriage proposal for Alvaro Bautista

As well as the bikes, in the Austin press room there's also time for a marriage proposal. Incredible but true. Among the social media questions, the stand-out came from Grace, Alvaro Bautista's girlfriend, who asked the rider: “Will you marry me?”. The Aspar rider then revealed: “This is a serious question, but before leaving for Rio Hondo, you need to know that I asked Grace to marry me and she said yes. So yes, we're going to get married

Bautista then spoke about his recent performance with the Ducati: “Right from the first test I felt at ease on the bike – he comments - I started out on the right foot in Qatar. Unfortunately I crashed there and to tell the truth I don't even understand why.  In Argentina I was able to be competitive – he adds -  especially in the second half. I have to say I'm enjoying riding the GP16”.

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