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MotoGP, Santa Claus Pernat: Valentino is Yamaha's gift

PART ONE - The manager gives his personal gifts to the manufacturers: "Ducati already has Dall'Igna, I'd get Aprilia to change riders"

Santa Claus Pernat: Valentino is Yamaha's gift

Even “our” Carlo Pernat is getting into the festive spirit and has transformed himself into Santa to bring gifts to the MotoGP riders and manufacturers. Naturally, the Italian manager does it in his own style and doesn't settle for a tie or a scarf under the tree.

With his usual irony, he had fun finding the ideal gift for each MotoGP star. Let's start with the manufacturers, but this is only part one and over the coming days we'll discover what Pernat has lined up for the riders.

HONDA NEEDS A REGULATIONS HANDBOOK - “Father Christmas should give Honda a manual to help them manage the technical regulations. Getting the single ECU approved, though not easy, was a mistake because it's hit them hard. If they had a magic wand right now, they wouldn't be pushing for the rule, they'd cancel that whole episode. Another gift would be a lifetime contract with Marquez, that would be the best thing they could have.

VALENTINO WITH YAMAHA FOR LIFE - Santa has already given Yamaha a gift, having split up the Valentino-Lorenzo pairing, which was going to blow up. Now Santa is laughing under that beard of his and couldn't have come up with a better gift, because things couldn't have continued like that.. The other great gift would be to have Valentino for life and I think they'll have that. Because he's connected to Yamaha and will do the MotoGP with them in three years time with the VR46 structure”.

DUCATI HAS BEEN GIFTED DALL’IGNA - Ducati's greatest gift is having convinced Gigi Dall’Igna to come to them, because this has led to significant technical changes being made to the bike, with great effort. The other gift would be to cancel the Argentinian GP or run that race again, I'm sure that would have changed the entire season".

SUZUKI WITH IANNONE, THE VERSTAPPEN OF BIKES -  “Suzuki didn't need Santa this time, they've already organised their own ideal gift, thanks to their hard work. Santa has given them Iannone, a rider that suits this bike, an aggressive rider who is hungry. Right now, Suzuki deserves him, it needs a fearless rider like him. Someone like Verstappen, perhaps Santa tried to get Max for them before he realised that he's a Formula 1 driver (he laughs)”.

GIVE APRILIA THE CHANCE TO CHANGE RIDER - Colaninno gave Aprilia the best gift, getting them back to MotoGP wasn't expected and took great effort. The best gift for next year, I think, would be to be able to change riders. I don't know if they'd make the same two choices, maybe yes, maybe no. So I'd put a white book under the tree with 'do you want to change your riders' written on it. Perhaps Albesiano will bring the gift”.

FOR KTM A MANUAL ON HOW TO SELECT RIDERS - The greatest gift for KTM would be to keep all the people who have always worked for them, because they are serious, passionate about the brand that has always done well, in MX, enduro, the Dakar. They'll do well in MotoGP too, but need another gift - a manual on riders, to explain who they are, why they're needed. I don't know if they're selection was a good one".

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