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Torres: I don't understand the new regulation, SBK is a family

The Spaniard reveals: "In Spain there is no interest in Superbike, only in MotoGP. We hope Dorna helps it to grow"

Torres: I don't understand the new regulation, SBK is a family

2016 was the year of the apprenticeship. A chance to get to know the bike and work ahead of the coming season. Jordi Torres will undoubtedly do more in 2017, but he sets out with a clear goal.

This year you've got to grips with the BMW. Can we put it like that?

“I think 2016 was a positive championship. At the start of the season there were various issues, particularly the relationship with the Germans in terms of language, also we didn't have any tested base from which to begin. We had to identity the path to take, once we knew the bike well. To do all that it took five or six races”.

Did you expect such a complicated adventure?

I think I've given 100%, perhaps even more. Genesio has big ambitions, at times there's perhaps too much pressure, but that's what it takes to move forward. If we'd have scored a podium it would have been luck, rather than on merit. Kawasaki and Yamaha also suffered a lot during their debut season”.

Is the aim in 2017 to finish top three?

Definitely, I want to try and bring BMW to the podium. But we're lacking in a few areas, particularly the frame. We have a good starting point, but we need to take several more steps. We also need to be quicker in making changes to the bike, so as not to lose too much time”.

What gives you confidence?

“I think that the BMW has a powerful engine, and I feel particularly confident with the front, in fact I've never crashed. Perhaps we struggle more than we should with the swing-arm and the rear”.

How far behind the Kawasaki and Ducati are you?

“We're eight tenths from them. Next year I'm sure that the podium fighters will also include MV Agusta, and van der Mark and the Yamaha, as well as Honda with Hayden and Bradl”.

In recent years the Spaniards have starred in the MotoGP championship, will this be the case with the Superbikes too?

“In Spain the Superbikes don't have great appeal, because the media is only interested in the MotoGP. We hope that Dorna works to help our series to grow”.

Do you miss the MotoGP?

“I don't think about it. I'm happy in Superbikes now. It's different from the MotoGP, bringing the riders closer to the people, the atmosphere is more family-based”.

What do you think about the new regulations?

“Should I be honest? I don't understand a thing”.  

Translated by Heather Watson

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