SBK, Bevilacqua: “De Rosa? He'll be in Superbike in 2017”


Genesio Bevilacqua attended the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Gran Finale on Friday evening. The owner of team Althea received a special award for the season that has just concluded and now he has only one issue still to resolve, regarding the future of Raffaele De Rosa.

BMW wanted to acknowledge Althea's contribution.

“This was the first time I've taken part in this event and it was really great. BMW pays great attention to its teams and customer teams and it was a real pleasure”.

How can we sum up the 2016 season?

“I believe that it was an important season, a satisfying one. The Stock1000 brought us great joy, despite the fact that the SBK is the main championship. In a category where the production-derived series is the winner, I think that we can be very proud of Raffaele's result. Sixth place in Superbike is not massively satisfying of course, but we have to deal with competition in the shape of Kawasaki and Ducati, then there's us and Yamaha and the other teams”.

What's the aim for 2017?

“The podium, which we want to reach as soon as possible. We've taken on this bike after three years, building it up from zero with BMW and it's taken time but we're on the right path in terms of implementing new technologies and updates to reach the top three and win”.

Who should we bet on for the podium in 2017?

“Torres has shown that he has the potential to do it on several occasions, but at times he's been lacking a little  confidence in the bike perhaps. Then there's Reiterberger, a little unlucky and not yet in the best of shape."

Will we see De Rosa in SBK with BMW? Will the manufacturer provide financial support?

“Over the years our goal has always been to bring Stock riders into Superbike. We've done so with Giugliano in the past. We're working on it, and the decision will be made shortly. There are significant costs involved and it's not easy to find sponsors, BMW has been very understanding and so there's a glimmer of hope”.

What is the time frame?

I think we'll know if it's yes or no in about a week”.

A negative outcome would be hard to swallow.

“I think we'll see Raffaele in Superbike either way, whether it's on a BMW or another bike. We have given him what he needs to prove that he is deserving of a SBK”.

What do you think of the new regulation?

I don't like it personally speaking, I'm not convinced. That's not a criticism, and I can understand that bring greater appeal to the competition. Maybe I'll be surprised and will change my mind further down the line”.

Could you ever have imagined seeing Giugliano in BSB?

“I wouldn't know, I haven't thought about it”.

Davies said that Dorna wants riders to hate each other.

“I think it's a joke, no-one can say that someone must hate another. I know the Dorna staff and don't believe they've said such things”.

It clearly wasn't a joke. Chaz doesn't operate like that. What should we expect from Faccani?

“He's a rider who we believe can win the championship”.

Are you thinking about SuperSport?



Translated by Heather Watson

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